I never meant to fall in love with a Midwesterner. After ten years in the UK, two years in Boston, and a four-month stint in west Africa, I was aiming to get back home, to California. But then we met, he invited me to Milwaukee and our romance began.  I am still here ten years later. Married with two beautiful boys and a new little girl who keep me busy but nap just long enough for me to scribble a bit each day. Most days I write about motherhood, or marriage, or the inspiration that comes from what I like to call my 'makeshift genius.' That's the inspiration behind the curtain, making it all happen, day after day. Rinsing and repeating with love and patience and hopefully enough humor. The way I see it, 'makeshift genius' is really just a synonym for human. So we're all a little genius!


Photos exquisitely taken by Erika Ehley Photography!