If you’ve found this course, THANK YOU!

Thank you for showing up for your friend, or your sister, or your daughter, or your wife or partner, or whoever it is in your life who is suffering right now. The fact that you are here and want to help is incredible. The fact that you are willing to move beyond the discomfort of talking about grief and sorrow and the (sometimes) messy details of miscarriage is inspiring.


Miscarriage is hard to talk about. So oftentimes, we just don’t. We don’t know what to say, how we can be helpful, or what we can do. Have you wondered these things, too?

Let me stop here with a little disclaimer before I go any further.

NOTHING you do can take away the hurt and the sorrow caused by the premature death of a child, no matter how far along she was. I won't be offering a magic pill that will hurry the grief or a 5-easy-step program to help her forget the pain. Nope. No can do. Not possible. Sorry!

But I am here to tell you that how you approach the grief of your friend who is suffering, the support you offer, the things you say and do can make a HUGE difference to her along her healing journey.

I know this from experience. In the last seven years, I’ve had ten of my own miscarriages. So I speak with some authority on the subject, albeit not an authority I ever wished for myself. Or would wish for any woman, for that matter.

Obviously miscarriage is hard for the woman experiencing it. But I understand how hard it is for you too. As someone who cares about your friend and only wants to see them happy, it’s incredibly difficult.  

In this e-course, which you will have access to in its entirety as soon as you register (because I know you wish you had all the information, oh say, yesterday!), you’ll find modules that will cover topics such as:  

  • Helpful things to say after a miscarriage
  • What NOT to say to your friend (even if you say them with the best of intentions)
  • What self-talk sounds like for a woman who’s had a miscarriage (real life examples)
  • Common (though not always obvious) triggers that can cause sorrow for a woman who has miscarried
  • How you can help and tangible things you can do NOW for your friend, even if you don’t live nearby
  • What is a miscarriage anyway? The science and statistics behind this kind of loss
  • Miscarriage and miscarriage-related vocabulary
  • Bonus: Notes for pregnant friends (for participants who are pregnant but still want to show support)
  • Bonus: Notes for physicians and healthcare providers (because there is always more to learn)
  • And dozens of links, additional resources, blogs and articles for further information

I hope you’ll join me and find the help you need on your own journey with the grief that comes with a friend’s loss. Thank you for making this investment in your own understanding.

Course fee: $15

Helping a Friend Through a Miscarriage e-course is always available, click below to register.