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We try our best, don’t we? We write our thank you notes. We give thanks at the table. Maybe we give shout outs to the universe for our blessings. But often this comes only when we remember, or when it’s convenient. Or sometimes (often?) not at all.

And let’s face it, sometimes the world is just plain depressing and it's hard to be grateful. I often find myself lost in the exasperation of things beyond my control. Where is the JOY? It certainly hasn’t been on the front page of my papers lately.  

But a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this quote:

It is not happiness that makes us grateful,
it's gratefulness that makes us happy.
~ Brother David Steindl-Rast

And after listening to the rest of Brother David's TEDTalk on gratitude, I was intrigued. I wondered what it would look like if I spent an entire month focused on gratitude? Every. Single. Day. If I stuck with this practice, would I develop a habit that became second nature? Like breathing?

But building a habit alone can be so daunting, and frankly my sticktoitiveness isn't always very sticky, so I created this course to share with YOU!

If you are interested in developing a daily gratitude practice and cultivating more space for joy, please join me! Together we’ll look at ways we can consciously invite gratitude into our daily lives.

Each day of September, I will offer specific and creative practices that will invite you to act, give, reflect or otherwise share your appreciation for those around you. Some days this might mean loving on the people closest to you, other days this could be a random act of kindness for someone you’ve never met, and other days it might just be a quiet meditation on your own. Each day will bring something new.

Sound simple? It sure is! But that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be easy. That’s why we're doing this TOGETHER!
I love the camaraderie, inspiration and accountability of joining forces with a group of people who all have the same goal.

Let’s get grateful together!

Here's what it will look like:

  1. Every morning for the thirty days of September you'll get an email inviting you to a new lesson, practice and discussion prompt for the day.

  2. Your job will be to find time to at least attempt the lesson/activity at some point in your busy day.*

  3. Once you've tried it, come back to our online community and share your experience. The last activity of each day will ask "How did it go?" This is where you can tell us what you did, how it felt, whether you liked the way it made you feel. As with most things, the outcome isn't as important as the process.

*Will you get to every practice? I hope so! But I know that life happens. That's why I've made these small practices that should take no more than 5-10 minutes a day to find your gratitude! So do what you can. And know that we’re building an online community of gratitude-seekers ready to inspire you every day! (And I'll go easy on the weekends to give you time to catch up!) Gratitude shouldn't be a burden, right?

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Course fee: $15

Your course fee allows me to continue offering my Invitation to Grieve e-course to women who've experienced miscarriage.
Over 130 women have taken advantage of this opportunity for reflection and healing!
 I don't want cost to prohibit anyone from taking the course,
so please contact me for financial assistance.

Here's what a few folks had to say about my last e-course, "Small Steps, Real Change"

"An uplifting course with a proper mix of original content and encouragement along the way
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It was well worth my time! Thanks again!"

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I hope you'll join me in this new course!