Living in Color ... try it!

Because I love her classes so much, I'm in the middle of another e-course with Andrea Scher called "Collecting Color: Photo Treasure Hunt." We get a new prompt every weekday inviting us to notice a different element of the color that surrounds us and snap a picture of it. I am NOT a photographer, but I am having fun with my iPhone, and my husband's fancy camera. Just because I think they're pretty, here's a few of my favorite so far. I'd invite you to notice the colors in your world today!

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Worth the Wait

A few weeks ago, I wrote about 'rooting down,' and the importance of appreciating the work going on beneath the surface, when all appears quiet above. Finally last Monday, this beautiful tulip confirmed what I had suspected all along: If something is meant to bloom, it will.

Even though it's very likely I planted most of my tulips upside-down (not realizing there were 'sides' to a bulb when I threw them in the ground), every single one of them has now appeared. They might have been a little delayed, but eventually, they turned themselves around, and somehow knew to grow up, towards the sun and the light.

Isn't this what we all do?

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Things I love

One of our assignments in this #BraveBlogging course is to write a list of things we love. Everyone loves lists, she says. So here goes mine. Of course I love the obvious things in life - my husband, my boys, my family, my friends. That goes without saying (even if I am often guilty of not saying it enough). Here are a few other things, in no particular order:

The very FIRST sip of coffee in the morning. Somehow it tastes different than all the rest.

The sounds the boys make when they chew and suck their thumbs

Laughing at #damnyouautocorrect texts (laughing in general is good, but these get guaranteed belly laughs with accompanying howls and tears)

Writing when inspiration strikes and my hands can’t keep up with my mind

Dutch Mints, lime PixiStix and Red Hots (the dye, oh the dye)

Sitting by the first fire of the fall  

Brand new pilot V balls

Conversations that ‘click’ and make me want to do something inspiring

Kind people

My dad’s music collection

Flannel sheets

Waking up to find a beautiful sunrise over the lake

Beautiful cookbooks and kitchen gadgets

Connecting people

Breakfast on my back porch in the sun

The unbridled sweetness my son can barely contain when he’s happy: “Hey mama guess what? I love you SO much I am going to make you a valentine for your birfday and put a heart in it. You’re the best mom EVER.” (Silas, age 4)  

Lilacs and peonies (for my mother, of course)


(No filter was added to this picture, this is the real deal, I swear!)

(No filter was added to this picture, this is the real deal, I swear!)

What's on your list?