The problem with 15 minutes to read

This is how it goes. And it happens the same way every time. With the best of intentions, I check out a stack of books from the library. (Or if I'm REALLY determined I should read it, I buy it). And then my bedside table becomes something of an intimidation.

So when I have those rare free moments to read, I am completely overwhelmed and entirely paralyzed. Do you have this problem too?

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25 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me (Part 1)


So I mentioned in my last post that I'm taking a Brave Blogging e-course with Andrea Scher. I note it's not called 'Dull Blogging' or 'Safe Blogging' or 'Make Yourself Look Good Blogging.' Nope. It's called BRAVE Blogging. The prompts she is giving us (and the point of the class, really) challenge us to go deeper, to be real, to be transparent.

She gave the first prompt yesterday and it was the title of this post. I sat with it for awhile, thinking 'this sounds more like something for Facebook, not my blog' and thought I'd just skip it. I figured it was the kind of thing where I could put 25 interesting things out there to convince you that I was amazing, talented, worldly, or super cool. Kind of like we do on Facebook, right?

I've thought about it more, and decided that I owe it to myself (and to you, if you're still reading) to try on this brave blogging thing. It might fit like a bad pair of skinny jeans, with my muffin tops spilling out over the edges. But then, at least you get to see the real me, right? And isn't that really the whole point of this blogging thing? Let's see.

  1. This came up in the discussion from this e-course: "Real is more important than perfect." Yes, yes, yes ... I believe this. I do. It's so much more interesting to read REAL than to read about PERFECTION. But yet, so hard. Why is it that? (Can I blame the Facebook culture?) I suppose it's about being vulnerable. I'm working on being vulnerable, not perfect. But real. Will you still love me, warts and all? I worry.
  2. I've been WAY too worried about what people think about me since second grade when I moved from Ohio to California and bought the same Trapper Keeper as someone in my class and everyone decided to hate the new girl for the next two years because she 'copied.'  Did this really happen? I don't know, but it's still with me 32 years later, so does it matter? It was a puppy and a kitten cuddling together on a grassy lawn.
  3. Speaking of puppies and kittens, I do not love animals. I am not an animal person. I don't always like to say that because I think people might wonder whether I can be a good mother/counselor/person if I have no empathy for animals. But I just don't. Maybe it started with the Trapper Keeper. Maybe it started when every. single. animal. I had when I was small died of something tragic. Or could've been when a dog jumped up and bit me on the nose. (it was probably a playful nip, but I remember the dog being bigger than I was at the time). I don't know. But I do know I am dreading the day the boys ask me for a pet.
  4. I am proud of my writing. Sometimes I don't know where it comes from, but when I've done it, I look back and say 'wow' and 'thank you' to the universe for the inspiration.
  5. I wish I was a more avid reader. I would love to be able to quote more authors in my writing (Like, oh, say, Rumi, Rilke, Einstein, Thich Naht Hanh, Aristotle, etc.) But let's be real, I don't read them, so how can I quote them? Every time I read a good book, I fall in love with reading again. Kind of like I did with the Sweet Valley High series when I was nine. But then I don't pick another one up for months, and it's like I forget how.  I have this idea that if I am not learning something, it's not worth reading - so you'll mostly find non-fiction, how-to books on my nightstand. (But the same ones have been there all year, so I'm not even reading THOSE!) I also don't prioritize reading and get sucked into the vortex of social media, Netflix or the chaos otherwise known as life with two boys and a husband. I'm trying to change this. But I do love my chaos.

I might have to do this in parts - it's exhausting and kind of scary. But mostly because my boys are down at the pool with my parents and I don't want to miss all the fun! I'd be honored if you'd share something I Probably Don't Know About You in the comments below! Go ahead, be BRAVE!

Blogging mania + fun news!


Thank you to friends who encouraged me to apply to the MKE Moms Blog when they called for new contributors last month. 

I made it!

As of April, I'll be a contributor to this site specifically geared towards moms in our city. So watch this space for my new posts OR subscribe to their website to follow directly! I'm excited for this new writing challenge.


I am also participating in a "Festival of Posts" with the Write On, Mamas out in the Bay Area. This is an opportunity to write and share our blogs to encourage each other to keep at this writing thing. In case you want to follow along to see some of the other mama writers I'm reading, they're at:

Janine Kovac

Claire Hennessy

Jilanne Hoffman

Vicki DeArmon

Emily Myers

And lastly, I've signed myself up for a course on Brave Blogging with Andrea Scher.  I've really enjoyed her online courses and I thought it would be fun to have a little more inspiration for the next month or so.

All this to say, you haven't seen the last of me!