A little kindness going forward?


On this eve of “the next four years,” I’m trying to figure out how to move forward. I think a lot of us are. Every day I read something that reminds me we have SO many steps to make to cover the ground that seems to be slipping from under us with each day that passes.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed. And sometimes, that overwhelm paralyzes me. Because the steps we need to take are so important. But now is not the time for paralysis. It can't be.

So I decided I'm going to have to start where I am, even if that means starting small.

I'm excited to share a new project I've been working on with you.

On February 13th, I'll be starting a new e-course I created: Small Steps, Real Change.
And I'd love for you to join me!

It’s all about doing SMALL things (and here I mean really small) inside our own every day lives; switching up a routine, or shifting a perspective by just a hair, in order that we might inspire real change for ourselves and those around us. It’s about bringing mindfulness, gratitude and kindness to the forefront in a small way, every day.

If you are finding yourself exhausted and depleted every time you turn on and tune in, this might be just what you need - I know I do! (and I only ever create these courses or retreats because I need them too!). Perhaps before we can begin to look at the big picture and tackle the big things that we NEED to tackle these next four years, we need to start with ourselves, and start small.

If you’re interested in hearing more, click on over to the info page for more and to sign up and join me. It starts on February 13th and I’d love to have friends on board with me!