save a tree, read a blog!


I'm sure I am responsible for at least an acre of Amazonian deforestation with all the half-finished journals I have lying around my house. Here's the thing, it's fun to start new projects. And new journals are especially thrilling those of us who write (or want to write). But so often, ideas get moldy and the fruit flies start swarming, until it's easier just to throw the whole thing out and wait for the next stroke of inspiration. 

That said, my new blog project is still going strong two weeks in. I've not been sharing the posts regularly because if you'll remember, the point is to write for myself, and not to worry about whether anyone is reading them. But I thought every few weeks, I'd give a recap in case you missed the bite-sized blogs on my other site. Still working out exactly what the blog will be, but having fun sharing random tidbits of things "I'm pretty sure I think I probably almost believe."

So hop over if you want to hear about explaining "the hair" to my sons, my take on FOMO, when I feel I'm at my best as a mom (hint: when the kids aren't around), a description of my one woman flash mob, why I'm trying something that's really, really hard for me, and more! These are all small entries that won't take long to read (my point exactly with the new blog).

See you over there!