The problem with 15 minutes to read

This is how it goes. And it happens the same way every time. With the best of intentions, I check out a stack of books from the library. (Or if I'm REALLY determined I should read it, I buy it). And then my bedside table becomes something of an intimidation:

So when I have those rare free moments to read, I am completely overwhelmed and entirely paralyzed. Do you have this problem too?

Do I reach for the books on writing that might help me hone my craft? Do I reach for the books that will enlighten my perspective on the social justice issues I feel so passionately about of late? Do I reach for the books that illuminate how we operate as humans and how best to appreciate our time on this earth (and find more of it)? Do I reach for books on motherhood to find inspiration from those who have gone before me? Or should I just go for the one fiction book on the shelf and hope to be inspired by the good writing I've heard so much about and forget about any notion of self-improvement altogether?

Mind you, I only have about 15 minutes at a time to read any of these.

It is frustrating to give in to social media. Especially when I had such an amazing week without it last month. I want to swallow all of these books whole but know realistically that I won't have time in the 3 weeks I'm given by the library to make this happen. And yes, I will end up renewing them all twice, so technically, I'll have 9 weeks. Still. (Please don't judge).

In nine weeks time, I'll return them all to the library with the bookmarks not even half way through, if they've moved at all, and kick myself for the knowledge I could have gleaned if I'd only made the time.

Perhaps it's better if I take out one book at a time.

How do you find time to read? What do you tell yourself in order to make it a priority? Do tell. I'm determined to finish this stack this time!