A Quiet Spirit

Growing up, I loved spirit days at school. If it was crazy hair day, I used an entire can of Aquanet. If it was tourist day (growing up in a beach town, this was a popular one), you'd better believe I had my maps in my pocket and my camera around my neck. If it was school pride day, my eyelids were sure to be covered in blue and gold glitter. In eighth grade, it was no surprise that I was the dork voted 'Most Spirited.' 


I know I got a lot of this spirit from my mother. Growing up in a family of eleven as she did, she had to do some pretty crazy things to stand out from her brothers and sisters. (I'm waiting for her memoir on this, so should you!) No doubt, it was she who would help tease my thin little bangs as high as they would stand or drive me to Goodwill with a friend to find matching outfits for 'twin day.' 

But I realized on my last trip home, that my dad must've been a bigger influence than I remember on my spirit. In his quiet way, he too encouraged me to get involved and be a part of my community. This hit me when we were visiting last month. Getting ready for the grand opening of a new pub in Santa Cruz, of course my dad wore this shirt:


Most of my dad's ways are quiet. But that, friends, is what I love about him. He's taught me that you don't have to be loud to show the world your true spirit. Couldn't ask for a better model for my sons. Happy Father's Day Dad!


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