Look Mama, Look!

I don’t often comment on current events or politics. I tend to keep this blog for random musings on life and motherhood. But the massacre in Orlando knocked the wind out of me this week. Somehow I can’t shake the horror.

I had a different post written with my commentary on our need for more humanity and less fear. I was almost ready to hit publish and share it. And maybe I will at some point. But then this happened with my son:

‘I want to paint my toes, Mama. I want pretty toes like you.’

‘Okay,’ I said, sending him outside with a box of dot art paint markers, hoping for at least ten minutes to finish wiping down the counters.

And he came back with this.

He was very proud of himself and his sweet little summery rainbow toes.

‘Look what I did, Mama, look!’

He followed my eyes down to his toes and then looked up with a grin.


Around the world, rainbow flags fly at half mast. And here in my kitchen, these rainbow toes stand tall and somehow offer a tiny slice of comfort and a reminder to me.

'Look what I did, Mama, look!'

Isn't that what we all want? Someone to notice us, to validate our experience, to bear witness to our brief time on this earth? Don't we all just want someone to look at our rainbow toes and then have a good giggle with us.

'I see you there. You matter to me.'

How much of the destruction and hate could we eliminate just by taking the time to notice our fellow companions on this journey? How many others are crying out 'Look what I did, look!'?

And what do we see of late? Not enough rainbow toes, that's for sure.

Who will you notice today?