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Healing after a miscarriage   

Healing after a miscarriage



If you’ve found this course, let me first say, I’m sorry.  

Miscarriage hurts. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. It’s hard. So often we suffer in silence. There’s no one to tell because no one knew (or not many, anyway). And so we grieve in private. We hold our pain inside. 

What if you could carve out space for your grief? 

Instead of moving on so quickly, as the world would have us do, what if you could sit with your grief, your anger, sadness or frustration and work towards healing and recovery?  

I am offering a 21-day course that will give you the space you need each day to reflect and work with your grief. For three weeks, you’ll receive a daily dose of inspiration each morning in an online space designed just for you.

I created this course because I wish I’d had it when I went through my own miscarriages. In the last six years, I’ve grieved through ten miscarriages. Each has been different, and not surprisingly, it never gets easier, but I have expanded my repertoire of self-healing and self-restoration. I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you. 

Through this course, you’ll come to see: 

  • You are not alone
  • You are not to blame
  • You are stronger than you believe
  • You can learn and grow from this experience (even if you wish you didn’t have to)

I can’t take away your heartache or make the experience any easier for you. I won’t rush your grieving process or promise a solution if only you follow my three magic steps. 

Grief doesn’t work like that. 

But you can join me for a few moments of solace each day and give yourself permission to grieve. I’ll provide the tools you’ll need to reflect on your journey through miscarriage and discover a path toward your own personal recovery through knowledge, acceptance and forgiveness. 

Over 100+ women around the world have taken the course since 2016.
Here's what a few of them have said about their experience:

Journaling was so helpful. I found that the prompts that I thought would be the hardest emotionally were also the most rewarding- telling my miscarriage stories and writing letters to my husband, mom, and best friend.
[I enjoyed] the lesson which had me just allow myself to feel sad and not try to feel better. It was really helpful to stop myself every time my brain tried to think about "what if" and "should we try again?" I stopped it. Giving myself time to just feel how I felt seemed to really help.
I enjoyed all the writing activities. I would not have done them if not prompted but it was amazingly liberating. Thank you.
It helped me survive the holidays. I feel like it is a useful tool in walking through the grieving process. It filled in gaps in my support system and allowed me to start grieving in a mindful way. I'm stronger than I was when I started it.
I think this course is a wonderful resource, thank you so much for putting it together. I enjoyed the diverse exercises. It was nice to see you on the videos and feel more connected to you and your story too. Thank you for a wonderful resource. This has been very helpful for me at a difficult time.

The course includes: 

Writing exercises and activities to help you process. You’ll be encouraged to share your story in a way that feels safe and healing. You will be invited to welcome your important people into your story and give yourself the permission to grieve.

Resources for healing. You’ll gain insight into the grieving process, how and where to look for help, and how to begin to forgive. 

Strategies for moving forward. You’ll identify trigger situations and how to deal with them. You’ll prepare for the invisible reminders and unwanted comments from friends, and you’ll build takeaways that will keep you inspired long after our 21-days have ended.

PLUS: You’ll hear my interview with Dr. Jessica Zucker, a clinical psychologist specializing in women's reproductive and maternal mental health, and founder of the #ihadamiscarriage movement. You’ll also find solace in a guided meditation on self-compassion and self-acceptance. 

No one can make this journey for you. But if you show yourself the kindness and compassion so necessary after a miscarriage, you will survive it. That I guarantee. 

Won’t you join me? 

Course Fee: $25



MORE Praise for An Invitation to Grieve:

For all those who have experienced miscarriage in the past or are currently grieving, ‘An Invitation to Grieve’ is a gentle, honest and powerful 21-day journey of self-care and healing. You will find comfort in Meagan’s personal experiences with miscarriage. You will laugh and cry. And you will find strength and healing. This course walks you through the process of grief in a loving and constructive way. As a woman who has experienced multiple miscarriages, I highly recommend this course.
— Anne W., Milwaukee, WI
As the Director and Founder of The Pregnancy Centre and a Physiotherapist working in women’s health for over 25 years, I see the need for healing for women at a much deeper level. This course created by Meagan Schultz gives her personal story, connecting so deeply to the understanding that women who have lost a baby need. Each person is different and each pregnancy loss is individual and this healing pathway and journey through ‘An Invitation to Grieve’ gives women the chance to acknowledge in personal ways their loss and their own story.
— Dianne Edmonds, Mandurah, Western Australia
Schultz, who has experienced ten miscarriages of her own, explains her inspiration in her warm welcome video ... Hers is a voice that is gentle, trustworthy, and real.
— Jennifer Massoni Pardini, Writer & Mother, Virginia