Starting Somewhere

I am at once anxious and excited to return to this blog. I fear my hiatus has morphed into a cessation and I've forgotten how to write. Which of course is absurd. I start with one word. Then another. Until I've formed a coherent thought.

It isn't really that I fear the words won't come. I have words. (And see, I've already made a paragraph). It's that I fear ...

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Oh no, let's go!

In true "start-as-you-mean-to-go-on" fashion, I went for a run today. This happens every New Year's Eve. I dust of my sneakers and vow that THIS will be the year I stick with it. And not just running. I have a list. If I showed you my diary entries from December 31st for the last dozen or so years, you'd see the same dozen or so items on this list. I'm sure I'm not the only one who writes a "how I'm going to be a better human" list once a year. (tell me I'm not!?)

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Life without an iPhone (yes, really!)

How will this work?

For one week, I will give up everything I’ve come to rely on to fill the empty spaces of my days. No more grabbing my phone to scan the newsfeed, update my status, post a blog, share a picture, check my mail, watch a TED talk, read an article, stalk my friends. No binge-watching the latest House of Cards or season two of Schitt’s Creek and Kimmy Schmidt. For one week, I will rely on anything but a screen to keep me entertained.

The kids and the hubby will be in on it too, though they don’t know this yet.

I’m already starting to feel like my four-year-old when I tell him he’s had enough Handy Manny for the day.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (insert grown-up tantrum here)

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